Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Daypack
I got this bag for my 7 year old daughter to use a daypack for the summer.


I got this bag for my 7 year old daughter to use a daypack for the summer. She is always lugging toys, books, stuffed animals, drawing supplies, and snacks back and forth and we needed something that was appropriately sized to fit both her frame and her stuff. Adult-sized backpacks tend to be TOO big, allowing her to fill it up so much that she can’t carry it. I worry that she’s going to hurt herself so I make her hand it to me. They are also not balanced correctly for a child, who is shorter in the torso and has narrower shoulders. The 20L size fits her very well.

This bag is surprisingly sturdy and light. I didn’t think it would fit as many books in it as it did, and I didn’t expect it to be well-balanced on her shoulders. The zippers all operate smoothly and don’t snag. The straps are well-attached and reinforced. Its scant weight makes it feel cheap and flimsy at first, until you start stuffing it full, and then you realize this is a very well-designed and manufactured backpack with intelligent features.

I would NOT use this to carry valuable electronics like a laptop. There is absolutely no padding at all, so there’s nothing protecting electronics from being jarred or from digging into your back. For soft items like toys, a spare hoodie, and some library books, it’s perfect for a child to wear.

The side pocket holders my daughter’s 24 oz water bottle but not completely securely. I think a 16 oz bottle would fit better, with less chance of falling out.

I found it difficult to get the back into the attached pocket once I took it out and used it for a while; it took a lot of shoving to get it back in there. I don’t think I’ll use that feature regularly, instead I will probably just stuff it into my own backpack went I need to carry it.