Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Daypack

1. What does the lifetime warranty cover? If it rips, it tears, the zipper rusts? The strap frays and comes apart from the seam? Will it be replaced?
A: Yes! As long as it is not man-made.

2. Can I carry a laptop and books in this?
A: Absolutely!Take your 13" MacBook Air along with a couple textbooks and notebooks in this, and everything fit just fine! The only iffy part is how thin the material is. But it hasn't had a problem with it!

3. Does this bag hold up if washed in a washing machine?
A: We think air dry would be best.

4. Need a backpack for school and it will take on a lot of pounding will it last?
A:Yes,bottom is double layer material,strong enough for extra strength.

5. Is this book bag insulated to keep items cool on the inside ?
A: No, it is all thin nylon.

6. Does that good for a laptop and commuting or no?
A: Yes it carries well. Work at in construction and hold up very well.

7. How durable is this bag for extended traveling?
A: This bag is very durable. Use it as your everyday bag and you can stuff it full. No tears or holes.